Success Stories


Alisha Williams

“After my fiancée passed away, I lost my will to live. The grief that I faced was something I never could have imagined going through. Working at a local Mortuary, I was surrounded by a loving staff who is like family to me. Still I knew that I needed something more. Traditional methods of counseling were not working for me… The day I met Karyn, I realized that there was hope for me. Within a thirty minute session, I felt the loving presence of my fiancée and reconnected to my loved one and I felt his love for me again. That feeling has not gone away since. I have found a renewed purpose in life!

I know that I am to assist the grieving and to continue my journey with mending broken hearts. I loved the combination of aromatherapy and the music brought me peace. I feel like I am surrounded by angels. There is no way to explain this….but I feel peace at last.”

Matt Anderson, Bali, Indonesia, Wellness Advocate

Karyn Grant’s Healer’s Touch Method has completely changed the way I interact with essential oils and their purpose. Her powerful teachings will uplift and inspire the healer within you; creating joy and higher vibration.

Suzanne Beaudoin, North Carolina, Regional Joy Coach, Health Wellness Advocate, Pastorial Therapist

“I am grateful for “The Healer’s Touch” protocol and how it has enriched my life both personally and professionally. It’s truly a gift! In life, we all experience the need to unwind so to enter into a state of rest to relieve our stress or sorrows. In Karyn’s protocol, attentiveness to those with tender -hearts, grieving souls or even the important first and final steps to begin the process of lightening the load for wearied minds and bodies; these and more can be gently released within Karyn Grant’s “Healer’;s Touch” , “Song & Scent” protocol. 

It is truly a soothing Art form that blends Aromatherapy and Christ-Centered Musical Duets. It reaches the unseen through the 5 senses. This non-evasive approach helps release the mind-body-soul memories thus holding the possibilities of stabilizing one’s emotional and spiritual health.”


Laura Jacobs

Karyn Grant, LMT, has skillfully and artistically combined music, therapeutic touch, and essential oils to create one of the most simple, effective and endearing of techniques for emotional healing. Her beautiful music was part of raising our children who enjoyed her lullaby collection asa bedtime staple. Karyn’s music and unique methods have also been an integral part of supporting our wellness center clients who treasure the support whether for healing processes or as emotional wellness habits.

They have loved renewed joy and enthusiasm for life upon healing from the loss of any kind of loss, overcoming addictions, healing from trauma, and so much more. The universal appeal to children and adults alike and the Christian undertones make Karyn’s offerings wonderful to all who experience them.