The Christmas Spirit: Book & CD Set

The Christmas Spirit: Book & CD Set


The Gift of The Christmas Spirit is a book & cd set surrounding the miracles that brought the joy of songwriting into the heart of a fifteen year old girl, who simply wanted to know if there truly is a God.  Follow the miracles shared in the story of how a young wife went through the throes of divorce, while clinging to the hand of God. In spite of her broken childhood dreams of living "happily-ever-after". Karyn faced her heartache and heartbreak, by writing and singing her songs for Jesus.

Discover joy in the journey, as Karyn continued to experience the gift of miracles and the ministering of angels; with experiences which eventually led her to create a process that would fulfill her tender dream of ministering to and "mending broken hearts with healing arts" for Christ-Centered souls across America.

Included in this book, is the "Christmas Spirit" Vocal CD, a compilation of songs that Karyn wrote while experiencing the joy of the Christmas Spirit, every year as she kept her promise, made at age 15, when she bowed her head over her guitar and promised, "I will only write songs for Jesus!"

These 12 Christmas Songs and two Christmas Stories are but a few of the hundreds upon hundreds of songs that Karyn would continually compose and sing for the Savior and use in ministering to God's children, from the prison to the hospital, to homeless shelters, church groups and beyond.

Add to this heartfelt symphony of songs, the beautifully uplifting "Christmas Spirit" blend as you listen to songs that will mend broken hearts....all year round.

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