Angel Dreams Lullabies CD 8

Angel Dreams Lullabies CD 8


Angel Lullabies for the child within. Karyn Grant has been writing lullabies since she was a young mother, tucking her children in and singing them to sleep. In this collection, she shares the gift of song with all mothers and children. The Lullaby Connection is Tender Love and Care (TLC) for heart, mind, body, and spirit for the child within.

Tracks on this CD:

  1. Angel Dreams

  2. A Lullaby for Jesus

  3. My Heart’s Lullaby

  4. The Little Lamb

  5. The Kingdom Within

  6. My Brother’s Keeper

  7. Testimony Tree

  8. Dust from Divine

  9. The Pure Love of Jesus

  10. Suffer the Children

  11. The Strippling Warrior Song

  12. His Smile is Love

  13. The Child Within

  14. Speak Softly Spirit

  15. Close Your Eyes

  16. The Cherub Song

  17. The Lamb and the Lion

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