Master's Modules

In the Joy Coaching Academy Masters Modules, Joy Coaches are invited to delve deeper into their personal “Journey To Joy”.

“As we become willing to take the journey within, we become better “guides” as we walk with those who are contemplating their own life experiences and how to fathom the message of experiencing joy.”

Karyn Grant, LMT, VAMT, Founder and President of Joy Coaching America and Joy Coaching Academy has created an insightful and inspired method for awakening her clients and students to their own innate (and often untapped) “Aptitude for Joy”.

Using the five physical senses, via music, aromatherapy, meditation, compassionate therapeutic touch, guided visualization and taste (through nutritious eating) Karyn assists her Joy Coaches (and clients) to go the distance to discover their own personal “Journey to Joy”.


Module 7 - The Cherishing Heart - Ten Private Sessions

For those who have suffered through the experience of a divorce, break-up or separation from a loved one, this ten session coaching module may be the perfect opportunity to mend a broken heart.


Module 8 - The Joyful Heart: Ten Group Experience Sessions

In this ten session “Joy Coaching” advanced experience, you will be encouraged to access your life experiences in order to pinpoint those niches in which your complimentary experiences can serve to comfort, nurture and inspire others who find themselves in similar situations.


Module 9 - Enlightened Journey: A Woman’s Journey into Wholeness

The purpose of the “Enlightened Journey” Masters Module is to continue on the path we started in the “Divine Essence: Awakening the Brilliant Spirit Within” Advanced Certification Module 2.

We will continue the process of lullabying a woman’s soul back into the sense of pure knowing; her own divine worth, recognition of her gift of intuition and the regaining of her sense of inner peace. The intention for each Joy Coach is to master the tools necessary to remind herself and each woman (client) that her birthright is peace and her inheritance is Joy.


Module 10 - Dancing with Angels

In this master module, we will continue gaining momentum after having taken baby steps to joy, towards “Dancing with Joy!” We will gain clarity of the spiraling up process as we remember that we are not alone; that angels are dancing on our path everyday.

This Masters Module reminds that miracles have not ceased, nor has the ministering of angels ceased. Essentially, we need to claim their divine assistance every day in our God-given roles as nurturers, providers, homemakers, parents, single parent families, etc.


Module 11 - Dancing with Joy: Raising Your Vibration to Joy through Rejoicing in Christ

The purpose of the Dancing with Joy Masters module is to refresh, rejuvenate and recreate joyful passageways in the heart, mind, body and spirit to experience greater realms of joy. Raising the vibration to joy” of the whole body can be a wonderful exhilarating experience. Using music, oils and massage, this is achievable.


Module 12 - Dancing with Abundance: Raising Your Vibration to Joy through Receiving & Giving

In the Dancing with Abundance Masters Module, we are freed to identify our scarcity beliefs; whether they be emotional, financial, etc.

We discover that misbeliefs can be gently transformed into enlightened positive core beliefs with the anchoring gifts of all five physical senses.


Module 13 - Arise, Daughter, Victorious

Overcoming victim mentalities and moving gracefully along the path to joy in the victorious mentality. This Masters Module is designed for those who will be working with those who are on the path to achieving a whole new perspective of their divine roles and callings as women.

There is beauty in the ashes. There is life and love after divorce. We are assisting those who have suffered heartbreak in claiming newfound joys, every step of the way. Enjoy learning about those unsung heroines who are the epitome of how we can also claim each victory for ourselves, our husbands, our children and our people.

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Module 14 - Awake My Soul: In Search of The Pure Love of Christ

This Masters Module is designed for those who wish to use the Book of Mormon in mentoring their clients, and as a healing manual. This module assists our clients in their search for the pure love of Christ. Those who are broken hearted can find love, courage and strength to forgive those who have hurt them. By working through the principles of forgiveness, found in these pages, with songs and meditations all inspired by the Book of Mormon.

Discover the serenading messages of ancient scripture that manifest that this mortal journey is a life-long search for the pure love of Christ. As we learn to sing the song of redeeming love, we are able to work through our afflictions as well as our addictions, in the spirit of compassion and tender mercies. As we liken the journeys of ancient heroes to our own personal quest for the same.


Module 15 - Peaceful Way: The Heart of Aromatherapy for Emotional Release

This Masters Module has been created to empower you to “Creatively, Consciously Connecting to the Etheric-Body” using the high vibrations of aromatherapy, singles & blends with musical meditations & compassionate touch.

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Module 16 - Essential Christ Masters Module - $699

A 12 Month Musical Journey: Storytelling with Song & Scent

The Essential Christ Master Module is my newest creative contribution to the Joy Coaching America - Academy! This Master's Module has been in the creation process since 1987 and is being released for the first time as a monthly webinar series in 2020! Each month we will review one of the books in the series and focus our attention upon "Coming Unto Christ".

This Module includes 7 PDF Manuals that will be used through out this module.

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Module 17 - Cherishing Companion

This module is designed to support “Joy Coaching Couples”. It is a beautiful culmination of all that the manuals, meditations, music and processes intend for integrating and synergizing a "joyful union with the Lord". This is a 12 week course for couples but can be used for those who are single; who are preparing their hearts for a "Cherished Companionship Through Christ". Mending hearts, healing past wounds, releasing trigger points and creating a beautiful bond can all be creatively, consciously, connected to Christ through the Gift of the Atonement.

Course includes Cherished Companions Volumes 1 & 2 and Cherishing Companion Workbook

For those Couples who are "Blending Families in the 21st Century", Volume 3 can be added on with private Joy Coaching Blended Families for Husbands & Wives.


ALL 10 Master’s Module Package

This package includes a Heart USB Drive worth $1000 with MP3 music, along with other information for a Joy Coach!