Webinar 3 in the “Joyful Living Series”

The Lullaby Connection: The Nurturing Life – $75.00

Join us for this nurturing one hour webinar, all about cherishing your very own inner child and the children you love.  It’s time to experience the softness of ‘song and scent’.  You too may wish to experience the solacing power of an angel dream’s lullaby, combined with heavenly oils. 

You will receive the “Angel Dreams” CD and the instructional guide for this mini-course. It’s never too late for the heart of our own inner child to be solaced, soothed and mended.

This Night-Time-Nurturing protocol combines aromatherapy with angel lullabies that touch all of the physical senses and awaken the divine senses too.  It’s time for your very own “inner child” to experience a sense of cherishing, a sense of adoration, a sense of nurturing in a joyful way. Begin to discover your important role, you are the Nurturer for your own heart, home and family!  You will be able to repeat this process for those you cherish.