Webinar 1 in the “Joyful Living Series”

The Healer’s Touch: Cherishing Life – $75.00

We are excited to share the connecting power of “The Healer’s Touch Method” by Karyn Grant, LMT.  This introduction to “The Song & Scent Method” assists in creatively, consciously, connecting heart, mind, body and spirit.  In this one hour webinar, you will receive an overview of the power of combining music, oils, and therapeutic touch as a relaxation technique to cherish yourself and those in your family and home.

This wonderfully nurturing protocol can be shared as a peaceful rest & relaxation session, where both the giver and receiver can discover the joy of ministering and being ministered to.  This one hour webinar comes complete with the “Healers Touch CD” and the “Joyful Living Manual”.  It is great for everyone who wants to be “A Nurturer in Your Own Home!” and learn how to use your own essential oils in new ways.