Frequently Asked Questions About Joy Coaching America

The three-fold mission of Joy Coaching America:

Joy Coaching America is a platform that provides support for a beautiful group of non-denominational, faith-centered women, who are bonded in the mission of providing solace, comfort, peace, love and joy to those who are in need of ministering and nurturing. This is accomplished through the Cherishing Place. The Joyful Living Series, and Joy Coaching University. 

This non-denominational organization has been created to support those who wish to keep a Faith-Centered Approach to “Mending Broken Hearts with Healing Arts”. The Healer’s Touch Method combines inspirational music, relaxation therapy techniques, guided imagery, massage, aromatherapy and more.

How do I become a Member of this Nation-wide Organization? 

f you become a client of “The Cherishing Place”, a “Lullaby MOMMA” via “The Joyful Living Series” or a “Regional Joy Coach” in your community,  with the education you will receive through “Joy Coaching University”, you are automatically enrolled (when you choose) as a full-fledged member of JOY COACHING AMERICA. 

Who Deserves Joy Coaching?


Whether you are looking for a resource for yourself (called a “Joy Coaching Session”), or if you have a desire to become a resource for others in need of ministering, this is an excellent training program for you to pursue your goal and achieve your aspirations, as a Professional Relaxation Therapist, a.k.a. Nurturer in your own heart, home, family and community.

What is Joy Coaching University? What is offered through Joy Coaching University?


The  “Joy Coaching University” offers you a Module-by-Module approach called, the “Joy Coaching System”.  This comprises six Advanced Certification Modules and seven Masters Modules for those who wish to become Relaxation Therapists. If you are certified or licensed in any other healing practice or methodology, the Joy Coaching System is a wonderful add-on for those who wish to incorporate the utilization of all five senses in combination with other holistic modalities.

You may determine for yourself if you wish to pursue one module or enroll into the entire Regional Joy Coaching Program, at a financial savings.

What Advanced Certification Modules are offered for those who wish to use this education as a baseline for their own personal emotional clearing work, as well as adding it to their private business practice?



Ministering to ourselves should be an on-going practice i.e. "Self-Nurturing".  As we find ourselves healing from the past, our hearts are turned to our children, loved ones and perhaps even clients.  This method becomes the expression of ministering to and "Mending Broken Hearts with Healing Arts" via the five senses and so much more.

For more information on the Advanced Certification Modules go to our  Joy Coaching University tab to read the descriptions and to learn more about each of the following modules.

• The Healer's Touch: Nine Touch Point Method- Advanced Certification Module 1

• Divine Essence: Awakening the Brilliant Spirit Within - Advanced Certification Module 2

• The Lullaby Connection: Reconnecting to The Cherished Child - Advanced Certification Module 3

• The Ancient Legacy: From Ancient Days to Modern Ways - Advanced Certification Module 4

• Heaven on Earth- Westernized Eastern Philosophies for Chakras and Meridian Balancing - Advanced Certification Module 5

• Joy in the Mourning - Creating a Personalized or Group Grief Coaching Setting for Your Clientele - Advanced Certification Module 6

How Do I Become a Certified Joy Coach?

Upon enrolling in the Joy Coaching University, you will receive step-by-step instruction in the succession of six Advanced Certification Modules.  You will receive Advanced Webinar Training for each module you purchase and plan to certify in.  You will also receive access to the accumulative online library  of previously recorded webinars pertaining to the module(s) you are enrolled in.

Welcome to  “The Joyful Living Series: Nurturing Heart, Home & Family” Mini Courses!

For those who are interested in becoming a “Lullaby Momma” or a “Lullaby Grandma”  “The Joyful Living Series: Nurturing Heart, Home & Family” mini courses may be just what you are looking for!  This bite-size approach offers a one-hour webinar for four of the larger modules.  Each course provides materials and a one hour of webinar training per course.  

Note: There is no Certification for these courses.  You will receive a "Certificate of Completion" when after completing all four mini-courses.

You will receive a motivational power-hour for each of the “Joyful Living” courses.  This  will provide you with vital instruction on how to use the tools that you will need, in order to provide simple “nurturing sessions” to yourself and your immediate family.   This instruction is provided via webinar, and pertains only the materials for the specific mini course you have purchased. You may choose to purchase all four “Joyful Living Series” courses at one time for a small savings or one at a time according to  your financial preference.

• The Cherishing Life - This mini course includes information from  "The Healer's Touch" Advanced Certification Module 1

• The Brilliant Life - This mini course includes information from "Divine Essence: Awakening The Brilliant Spirit Within" Advanced   Certification Module 2

• The Nurturing Life - This mini course includes information from "The Lullaby Connection Advanced Certification Module 3

• The Joyful Life - This mini course includes information from "The Ancient Legacy Advanced Certification Module 4

There are no other "mini courses" for the remaining Advanced Certification and Masters Modules.  If you later choose to upgrade from a “Lullaby Momma” status to a “Joy Coach” Status, you will receive a discount for the remaining balance on that specific module.

The "Joyful Life: Nurturing Heart, Home & Family” one hour webinar mini courses  are for those who are interested in using this information primarily in their own homes, for their own families, but who do not plan on using it in a business setting.  

What if I just want to learn enough to use this for myself or my family?

NOTE: The Joy Coaching Advanced Certification is necessary if you wish to receive a license to use the intellectual property of Karyn Grant, in an existing business or in forming a new business on a community or nationwide level.