Karyn Grant - CEO & Founder

Karyn Grant, LMT, Joy Coach, is “Raising the World’s Vibration to Joy!”with “The Song & Scent Method”.

As a Licensed Massage Therapist, Karyn combines her passion for song-writing with aromatherapy to create a process that “Gracefully Transitions” lower vibration emotions into higher vibration emotions.

Karyn’s nondenominational “Christ-Centered Approach To Wholeness” uses the God-given senses, as the pathways through which uplifting energetic impulses are conducted, through music, aromatherapy, guided visualizations and more.

Gracefully Transitioning Sorrow into Song has been Karyn’s dream since she was 15 years old when she told her Career Education teacher that she wanted to “grow up to be a mother, an author, a singer and a songwriter…

” Dreams do come true!”


Linda Hart - Correspondence & Communications Specialist

Linda has known Karyn since 2003 and started working as her assistant in 2004.  Linda graduated from Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah in August 1979.  She graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Family Resource Management.  She knows that through the Joy Coaching Method using all 5 senses and the 9 point touch technique is a wonderful resource for every family to use in bringing more joy, love, peace and healing through our Savior, Jesus Christ to their families, friends, their communities and out to the whole world.

Linda and her husband, Kent (who is a Licensed Massage Therapist) have included joy coaching with their family business, Hart2Heart Wellness. She enjoys seeing lives change to be more joyful, hopeful and loving through this beautiful sense of peace approach to wholeness.