Dancing with Abundance: Raising Your Vibration to Joy through Receiving & Giving - $599.00

A Series of Songs and Musical Meditations, by Karyn Grant, LMT, VAMT, The Joy Coach, LLC.

Heaven on Earth – Pure Love for Abundant Relationship – Vocal CD

Plus: 3 Musical Meditation CDS

Plus: 1 DVD – Dancing with Abundance- Musical Meditations Video

In the Dancing with Abundance Masters Module, we are freed to identify our scarcity beliefs; whether they be emotional, financial, etc.

We discover that misbeliefs can be gently transformed into enlightened positive core beliefs with the anchoring gifts of all five physical senses.

We will gain clarity on the “spiraling up” process from financial and emotional scarcity into emotional-financial abundance! We will release financial weaknesses and gracefully transition them into spiritual, temporal and character strengths. We will uncover what “thought patterns” in our childhoods (after after) we have continued to cycle, that have created emotional imbalances and patterns of scarcity thinking. We will learn how to visualize the manifestation of “The

Abundance Mentality” with the 21 Days to “The Abundant Life” DVD. The focus on this workshop is to realize that “Abundance is an inside job!” We will learn how to identify those sabotaging thought patterns and behaviors and release them to the Savior so that we can create abundant lives filled with opportunities, rewards, privileges, blessings and miracles in the making.