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Module 17 - Cherishing Companion – $999 for Couples and $699 for Individuals

Cherishing Companions: Cultivating A Kindred Connection Through Christ Masters Module 17

“Joy Coaching Couples” is a beautiful culmination of all that the manuals, meditations, music and processes intend for integrating and synergizing a "joyful union with the Lord". This is a 12 week course for couples but can be used for those who are single; who are preparing their hearts for a "Cherished Companionship Through Christ". Mending hearts, healing past wounds, releasing trigger points and creating a beautiful bond can all be creatively, consciously, connected to Christ through the Gift of the Atonement.

Course includes Cherished Companions Volumes 1 & 2 and Cherishing Companion Workbook

For those Couples who are "Blending Families in the 21st Century", Volume 3 can be added on with private Joy Coaching Blended Families for Husbands & Wives.

Cherishing Companion: Couples Master Module
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Cherishing Companion: Singles Master Module
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