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Module 17 - Essential Christ Masters Module - $699

A 12 Month Musical Journey: Storytelling with Song & Scent

This Module includes 7 PDF Manuals that will be used through out this module. Music & Manuals by Karyn Lynn Grant, LMT

The Essential Christ Master Module is my newest creative contribution to the Joy Coaching America - Academy! This Master's Module has been in the creation process since 1987 and is being released for the first time as a monthly webinar series in 2020! Each month we will review one of the books in the series and focus our attention upon "Coming Unto Christ".

As a young girl, I had an insatiable thirst for "living water". Pouring my heart out to the Lord in poetry and "a-song-a-day" became a sweet legacy with which I feel to offer to my thirsty "Sisters in Christ". In 2001, I added the "Blessings & Blends" to bring all five senses into this beautiful, sacred ministering experience.

I have written at least one thousand songs about the Savior's Atonement; with eighty songs about women in the scriptures: praying to capture, awaken and bring to light the precious messages that our ancient sisters in Christ might share if we could have "heart to heart" talks with each one about her experience in "Coming Unto Christ".

My personal testimony and the sacred experiences in writing them is found in my autobiography, "He Knew My Heart: A Latter-Day-Woman at the Well".

My joy in writing songs for the Savior started as a fourteen year old girl, after an answer to prayer. Since then, "living water" has never ceased streaming into my heart and mind through through gift of "Storytelling with Song & Scent".

I have met other women at the well, who also thirst for greater love, joy and peace. He can truly quench our thirst. At last, after five decades of journeying to Christ, I share my joyful testimony that He lives and loves the gift of "Song & Scent" as He inspired me to write, create and accomplish this work for His Divine Purpose.

Essential Christ: 12 Month Musical Journey
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