The Joy Coaching System

by Karyn Grant, LMT, VAMT, The Joy Coach LLC, D.B.A. The Cherishing Place, has been evolving since 2001 when I opened my first massage business, called "Scents of Peace" in Lindon, Utah.

Having an in-home business was my dream, as a single-mom raising four blossoming teenagers. I opened my private practice in 2001 after graduating from Utah College of Massage Therapy. I was the Admission's Advisor for the College for two years prior. I loved "enrolling" students into the work that I love and believe in. "Nurturing Heart, Mind, Body &b Spirit" has always been my forte.

Kelly Anderson - Friend of the Cherishing Place
Kelly Anderson - Friend of the Cherishing Place

In 2005, Kelly Anderson suggested I change the name of my business to "The Cherishing Place" as it was a perfect description for the work that I was doing. Every weeks for over a decade, women came to my home to receive instruction in "The Lost Art of Cherishing".

Many of these women went on to become LMT's, or to open private practices of their own. Several women went back to school to get their licenses as LMTs. Debra L Lopez, Connie Peterson, Amy Cox and others were some of those who went on to build successful practices, as well.

Hundreds of clients and thousands of hours later, in 2010, I was called by Ursula lesic, who asked me if I would teach other women to do what I do. Ursula lived in Pennsylvania and had been introduced to my work, by Laura Lundberg Jacobs. I then began designing and fashioning my materials into a "System" of "Modules" that I could train women out of state, in order to become Joy Coaches too.

Laura Jacobs - Friend of Cherishing Place
Laura Jacobs - Friend of Cherishing Place

Those doTERRA women who found me in the beginning were introduced to my work by Laura Lundberg Jacobs, who was a new member of doTERRA back when it first started. Laura had owned Herbs for Health and was an amazing herbalist. My work was based around the use of Aromatherapy & Music for healing the broken hearted.

Many of my first Joy Coaches discovered me from a webinar that Laura invited me to be a guest speaker on. From that one webinar, women began joining "Joy Coaching America"; Charisse Marks Suzanne Beudoin, Teresa Gray, Betty Archer Lillis Day Sandy Alexander Means Lucinda Foster Marie Smith Page Ursula Lesic Kathy Bertram and more!

Joy Coaching America continued evolving from it's original 17 modules down to "The Foundation of Four" Modules:

The other "Master Modules" would be saved for a later date:

  • Dancing with Abundance- Overcoming Scarcity Issues
  • Heaven on Earth- Singing Chakras & Musical Meridians
  • Dancing with Angels- The Role of Wives & Mothers
  • Enlightened Journey- Overcoming Addictions
  • Arise, Daughter, Victorious- Overcoming Victimhood
  • The Cherishing Hear- How to Mend A Broken Heart
  • Joy in the Mourning- Gracefully Transitioning Through Grief After the Loss of A Loved One through Death or Divorce

Here is a short video that talks about Joy in the Mourning and shares one of my songs:

The module that would spread JOY COACHING AMERICA to women across the nation:

  • The Joyful Hear - Discover Your Gift, Deliver Your Message!

"Joy Coaching America" has been evolving since 2010, when I took that first call from Ursula Lesic to heart, realizing that there is a need for women of all denominations to engage in a Christian Based Program for those who wish to spread the joy of "Mending Hearts with Healing Arts".

Thoughts from others who have helped along the way:

"We are a group of kindred hearts who have a passion for healing our own hearts, the hearts of our children, our husbands, our families, our communities and the world in which we live. We are a part of the solution for those hidden griefs of the heart, mind and spirit that simply need the antidote of pure love, ministered through a kind heart and tender hand. We do not call ourselves healers, energy workers, or "masters". There is one Healer, one Energy Worker and one Master Healer. We are simply here to bless humanity with our natural God-given gifts of kindness, empathy and compassion! And miracles!"

The UVU marketing team shared their thoughts on Joy Coaching:

"There is nothing like this in the world! There is no other program that involves what Karyn has creatively united into a work that so creatively, intuitively and inspirationally addresses the concerns of the 21st Century. There are no colleges or universities that teach "How to Mend A Broken heart". This is a one-of-a-kind approach that you will not find anywhere else on the planet."

Anna Empey a client, friend and collaborator said,

"Joy Coaching has blessed my life in many ways. Not only have I been able to find and keep a deep connection with God, but I have been blessed to feel and understand my role in this life. Joy coaching has helped me find and create peace in my life, and space to love myself and others when I was grieving. Joy coaching is very unique and by participating I have been able to understand this work, and how we can bring those around us to the Savior for peace and healing by loving them as he would."

We begin our EIGHTH year as a group of women, engaged in a common cause of "Nurturing Hearts, Homes & Families Across America"...and BEYOND!

We have our first Joy Coach in Australia, Suzana Kowalska and another on the horizon in the U.K., Ashley Turner! We are in 19 States and have influenced hundreds, if not thousands of women to remember "The Lost Art of Cherishing" through my speaking engagements, conference addresses and more!

Thank you to those who have been asking me, "So, what's JOY COACHING AMERICA all about?" and "How did you accomplish all this?" and...."What inspired you to create this method?"

Our theme for 2018 is "We're Setting Miracles into Motion!" and we will continue to grow, evolve and attract women from all denominations, who have a kindred love for and faith in, the savior Jesus Christ. We are a group of women who are concerned about our kindred love for people, based in doing acts of service, love and nurturing. We are putting "The Lost Art of Cherishing" back on the map in a world that is in need of greater love, joy and peace.


Thank you, Karyn Lynn Grant

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