Sharing the Joy

By Karyn Lynn Grant, LMT

My goal is to create a JOYSHARE for those who are "Gracefully Transitioning through Grief into Joy". i am working through my own grief of my husband's loss of his late wife. While he seems to have gracefully accepted that life has seasons, I am working through my own sorrow for souses who lose a loved one through an untimely passing.

Even though I have a new wonderful husband, I must remind myself that heaven is a beautiful place where Allie can find rest and repose from her labors on earth. Still, there are moments when I too, must take a deep breath and remain "in the moment."I send Allie love and gratitude today for the love she has for her husband, who is now my husband. I honor her for the love she feels and felt for him during her sojourn upon this earth.

Being the "Next Wife" is different than being the "Ex-Wife." When a woman leaves the man she loves on earth, I am certain that she hopes she will be remembered with respect and honor. After all, her love and her sacrifices helped to make that man into the man he has become.

Today, I will be grateful for the sacrifices of those wives and mothers, sisters and daughters who have passed on---preparing the way for another woman to become a ministering angel to those the angel now loves "from a distance." As well, I bless all former wives who have experienced the loss of their husband through divorce.

Divorce is the death of a dream. No one gets married to watch their dream die.... today be kind to the woman who preceded you in marriage. Cherish her. Honor her sacrifices. Ex-wife neglect and abuse, by the "next wife" needs to be reduced through prayer. I love my husband's first wife with a love that is "beyond" me. As well, I honor the "next wife" who proceeded me. Both of these women prepared the way for me ---to learn how to love my new circumstances. I am #learninghowtobeanearthangel❤