Please Don’t Kill the Daisies Solacing Spritzes: Scents of Peace: Blessings & Blends

By Karyn Grant, LMT, The Joy Coach One of my fiends who uses GIA I-H20 has been watering flowers she bought and she sent me this:


I have been using GIA water and they look as good as the day I bought them 11 days ago!

Then I realized something about my own flowers:

Recently, I decided to adorn my front porch with two beautiful pots of daisies. My timing wasn’t great because I needed to head out of town for the next few days. I doused my daisies with a nice long drink of water and then headed off to my next venture. Upon arriving home, 48 hours later, I looked longingly at my saddened, shrunken, inconsolable plants. Nothing could retrieve them. I threw them away feeling like an unwise steward within a week of my purchase.

It was about the same time, that I had begun using GIA I-H20. I was noticing within just a few days of that purchase, that I was feeling perkier, more upright, less wilty, more vibrant! I thought, “My organs are living things like those two pots of daisies! Look how quickly the daisies died without water! What is happening to my organs, glands and body systems when I withhold living water from them?”

I was given a great impetus to hydrate my cells more frequently after seeing my two depressed daisy plants desperately dying from dehydration in just two days. I felt responsible for their death, but grateful for the visual picture they provided me to increase my I-H20 water consumption. I felt as sad as the day I discovered my bunny passed away because I stayed out of town an extra day, without leaving him extra food. “Daisies are people too!” I muttered to myself as I carried them to their resting place in my garbage can. I reminisced on the day I had purchased them, they looked so happy to greet me! I had been so excited to share my GIA I-H20 with them and conduct my own experiment with them to see how they would react with this amazing water. Then----I whisked away and accidentally killed them!

My daisy duo did not die in vain, though. When I realized how quickly a living thing can die without water, I began drinking and spritzing more. My skin began flourishing. My body became increasingly more rejuvenated! My love of spritzing became a part of my hydration process, realizing that the skin is the largest organ of the body and can drink water through every pore!

I became more fascinated with the power of my GIA I-H20 Activating System to create my “Scents of Peace Blessings & Blends” for hydrating my heart, mind, body and spirit. So, I am adding “Solacing Spritzers & Musical Misters” to my repoitore!

Creating your own “Scents of Peace Spritzes” with essential oils just got simpler! We’ve all heard that “Oil and Water don’t mix!” But, not true with GIA 1-H20! Now you can create beautiful spritzes that are blessed with single-file-structured-aligned water that emulsifies the oils into the water so that your spritzes are a dynamic duo!

What does “emulsified” mean? “Emulsify means to combine two ingredients together which do not ordinarily mix easily. The ingredients are usually an oil or a fat like olive oil or egg yolks, and another liquid like water or broth.”

Because GIA I-H20 is in a single file molecular state, it can hold the transference of essential oils in a suspended state. Now, your oils will not separate and lazily float on the surface of your water. With the GIA Activating System, tiny particles of oil are distributed through the aligned water and are perfect for spritzing your skin!

I have been using my own recipe of Rose Oil and GIA 1-H20 in a blend that has been hydrating my skin during these past hot, dry summer months. I keep a bottle of this blend in my purse and sprtiz frequently throughout the day. I am so excited to create “Magic Kisses Sprtiz” and “Beloved Heart Spritz” and 175 other recipes to bless my not only my skin but my heart, mind and spirit at well!