New Blessings & Blends Book NOW AVAILABLE


 "Cherishing: How to Mend A Broken Heart" combines Karyn Grant's Music and Musical Meditation Library with her "Scents of Peace: Blessings and Blends". These beautiful morning or evening meditations have been created to bless your heart, mind, body & spirit via the five senses! Through the sense of touch, hearing, visual, smell and even taste you will have at your fingertips, a complete library for creating heaven on earth! 177 Blends to Mend A Broken Heart! "Cherishing" Manual- $39.95

"Cherishing Heart"-Key- $5.99

"Scents of Peace"- 100 Labels & Bottle Caps- $15.00

The first fifty who order will receive all of the above for $49.95 – To Order text Karyn and she will call you back.