My Understanding of Joy Coaching

By Anna Empey, Joy Coach

My name is Anna and I want to share my experience working with Karyn over the last four years. These experiences in sessions and working with her to share Joy Coaching have truly helped me. I originally met Karyn while I was the Marketing Specialist at My Oil Business, which is now Oil Life. I worked with her to understand her products and vision. I have learned there are many ways we can help others to find joy and peace through the seas and storms of life. 

Over this time, Karyn also gave me sessions so that I could truly understand her program and her materials. These sessions have been life changing and have helped me find healing and peace when I thought I had to stumble in the dark. I have spent a lot of time with Karyn learning about her methods and her process for learning, creating, and sharing The Song and Scent Method. 

As I worked with Karyn, I started to learn that her original intent was to create a program that adds to existing tools to help individuals find joy and happiness. Joy Coaching focuses on using vibrations such as touch, music, and essential oils to nurture to individuals. This nurturing process seeks to bring rest and relaxation to help people sort through negative feelings and emotions attached to life experiences. While connecting to a higher power, the goal is to gracefully transition hard or negative experiences and grief to peace and joy to enjoy the goodness life.

I continue to see that Karyn has dedicated her life to helping others find peace and healing.  I have taken a lot of time listening, trusting, watching, and experiencing her sessions and programs. I have seen her sessions have life changing impacts helping others to find the peace they so desperately were seeking.

Karyn is very intuitive and she has amazing gifts, gifts that facilitate healing to the body, mind, heart, and spirit. In my many sessions with Karyn, I have never had a session that was exactly the same. Each session is unique and individual. As I face each unique challenge in my life, with a variety of emotions and feelings, each unique session helps me process and find peace in new ways. 

By using different tools for different people, you can facilitate different ways of healing. When you do research about ways to heal from traumatic experiences you find a variety of modalities including counseling, group therapy, massages, art, music, dance, expression therapy, journaling, sleeping, exercising, talking, listening, thinking etc. Each person has a unique path to find peace and healing. Joy Coaching teaches many unique ways to facilitate peace and joy while empowering each individual to overcome grief and pain.

Karyn heavily relies on her spiritual promptings and understandings to help each person connect with the Savior. I have heard Karyn mention many times that the Savior is the true healer. I know that through my experiences that the Savior knows us and loves us each individually. 

In my sessions, I have felt a stronger understanding of Christ's role in my life, and that I have the ability to call on Him and ask for help so that I don't have to face hard things on my own. I have also seen that through the creative process and a deeper understanding of the resources available to facilitate comfort and emotional healing we are following the Saviors example. 

In the Savior's life, he taught and comforted individuals differently each situation being unique and specific to the needs of the person or people he was with. When he was teaching the Sermon on the Mount he took a different approach than when he was teaching Nicodemus. He also went to the lepers where they lived to heal them. Yet, the woman with an issue of blood came to the Savior. The Savior taught and healed one on one, he spent many days blessing and healing individuals one on one, and Joy Coaching is designed to follow Christ’s example of healing one on one.

I honestly am very thankful for Karyn, she is very creative, and she has been blessed with many gifts. I am thankful for her desire to teach others and share with others how to help facilitate healing. This world is a dark place sometimes and we all have heart-wrenching experiences where we need the connection and healing from the Savior and Joy Coaching is a way to do that.

I have met many Joy Coaches and I am very blessed to be around people who care so much about helping others. I truly believe that we can change the world by loving and helping one person at a time. My world has changed through my sessions. I continue to find hope because I see individuals who truly care about others.

Moving forward I am going to start sharing my experiences in the individual sessions I have and how those sessions have helped buoy me up in the storm and give me hope and light when I thought or felt there was none to be found. I am also going to giving Karyn sessions because I know that even a Joy Coach needs a Joy Coach. We all deserve and need to be understood and loved, and sessions open doors to help us help and love each other.