Learning to Let Love In

By Karyn Grant, LMT

I must admit"Teddy" was a heart throb from the moment Lara Moreno brought him home. But when he tore down my $1500.00 gazebo and $1200.00 redwood playground equipment, my heart throbbed even more. How would I tell my darling daughter she would have to choose between me... or Teddy? (I knew he would win!)

Last night as my wonderful nephew, Daniel Hawley got down on the floor to play with Lara's baby "white elephant", something flickered in my heart. I remembered how at age 19, our family dog, "Tiki" got spooked during the 4th of July fireworks and jumped the fence only to be lost. I flew home to go searching at every dog pound in Southern California to find my sister, Kimary Grant 's precious dog. All to no avail.... but, in my search for Tiki, I fell instantly in love with a great big, fluffy, full-grown white Samoyed dog, who I purchased her and took home,  as a not-so-discreet replacement for "Tiki".

My father was absolutely horrified. "Why did you bring home that white elephant?" He barked. I shuddered but quietly hid my over-sized furry body pillow in my bedroom. Each chance I got, I took Heather running at the beach which was close to our family abode.

As I watched Daniel play with Teddy, I remembered "Heather" and how I loved resting my head on her great big body while I studied, I gazed in my minds eye, upon my daughter's wistful eyes and understood something profound. Lara is truly heart of my own heart! She wants me to enjoy her beautiful Teddy Bear like I wanted my dad to love my very own "White Elephant".

Eventually, I had to give "Heather" to a friend as my father requested me to do. Thank you Daniel for loving Teddy. Thank you Lara, for bringing to my remembrance my short-lived experience at ever owning my own pet as a youth. After that memory surfaced, my heart was moved to love, empathy and compassion. I found myself giving Teddy a "Welcome to My Heart" hug. He dropped all inhibitions and completely covered me in teddy bear hugs and kisses until I fell over laughing.

Thank you Teddy, for showering me with unconditional love. Thank you Dad for everything you did to teach me to be a responsible adult. Thank you "Heather", for that short, sweet experience that I had long-since forgotten, of the night you ran away because you knew you were not accepted. Thank you Marilyn Grant Newman, my mom, who drove me up and down the streets that night looking for my lost dog. I remember the countless tears I wept searching for great, big, beautiful white, furry friend. Thank you "Life"...for preparing my heart to share...in Lara's joy!