How To Mend A Broken Heart

How to Mend a Broken Scents of Peace: Blessings & Blends - New Book NOW Available

by Karyn Grant, LMT, The Joy Coach, LLC


When Karyn was 14 years old, she had a life changing experience on February 15, 1975. As a result of a powerful prayer, the gift of songwriting was awakened in her heart. "The love I felt, as a result of that deep importuning of the Lord made me want to write at least one song to try to describe the love I felt for the following three days. Playing my guitar and writing songs for Jesus became my comfort and my joy during my teens." When Karyn got married, the gift of songwriting mysteriously stopped. Life's curriculum became more challenging now without a song to serenade her. Then, in 1987, after another heartfelt prayer, "Do I have a gift?" it was as if a light switch got flipped back on and the gift of writing stories for her children began.

The twelve years of Karyn's first marriage were extremely lonely and heart breaking. "The only way I knew to quench the loneliness in my marriage was to pray. One day, I knelt down beside my bed and poured my heart out to God. I missed the sweet companionship I had felt with Him as a young girl, when I had time to write songs for Him. I expressed to Him, while on my knees that my heart was breaking from feeling so far away from both my husband and from Him. In my mind, I saw an image of the Savior. He smiled at me and nodded. My loneliness lifted. My first song, "Forgotten Love" was born. Days later, I knelt in prayer again and asked, 'Do You know what it feels like to experience this kind of loneliness?' Songwriting tingles began to flow over me and I wrote my second song, "Were You a Lonely Man?" After that, songs flowed daily. Whenever I had a question to ask God, I simply asked it. He always answered me in a song."

In 1987, after the birth of her third child, Lara, Karyn began writing more "musical messages" that came to her at 3:00 a.m. "Hundreds of songs came flowing, at least a song a day, sometimes more! I didn't want anyone to hear my songs, as they were simple prayers from my heart to God's heart. I didn't want anyone to judge my words or my voice. I knew that God accepted my offering of music; that's all that mattered to me. Whenever I wrote a song, I felt that same familiar feeling that I felt while on my knees when I was a fourteen year old girl. Songwriting had become my way of praying my questions and hearing His answers back to me."

In 1987, Karyn produced her first album, "His Perfect Love". "I didn't have a dime to my name. All I had that day when I went to see Craig Kaelin, to get just one instrumental completed for just one of my songs was $75.00. When it took longer than I imagined it would take to get one instrumental, I started praying harder! I knew that this first instrumental would cost hundreds of dollars, as it was taking hours to complete. The words were dictated into my mind, "Keep singing, I will cover the cost." When that session was over, I went to open my purse to offer Craig all the money I had. "How many more songs do you have?" He asked me. "Hundreds." I answered politely. "Don't pay me a single dime. Bring me your ten best songs and let's do an album together! You bring the songs and I will bring the instrumentals! Let's do this for God!"

In 1988, Karyn began a musical journey into the scriptures seeking for answers to a new question. "How can I come to know the loving Christ that the women in the scriptures knew?" From the wee hours of night until dawn, Karyn would write the words to accompany the vignettes that she saw in her mind's eye as she nursed her baby back to sleep. Night after night, songs about women in the New Testament were written, all teaching Karyn about the pure love of Christ from the stories in the bible about the women who knew Him. “With Perfumed Oil” and “The Morning Light” & songs that would later become, "The Essential Christ", were written and sung onto cassettes and placed into a drawer for safe keeping.

As Karyn raised her children, in 1990-1991, she began writing lullabies for her children. These songs became "The Angel Dreams Lullaby Connection”, a compilation of stories and lullabies on 8 CDs for her children. Storytelling with the added lullabies began it’s own journey to bless her young children during that next season of life. But, Karyn never dreamed that her life would take a sudden turn and plunge straight into broken heartedness. Karyn's divorce from the father of her four children, left the children devastated too. But, she tenderly tucked the music into their suitcases, so that she could still lullaby her children at bedtime, even though she was not always there to say their prayers with them or kiss them goodnight.

Without her childhood dream, of a "happily-ever-after-family, Karyn continued praying and the songs continued serenading her broken heart. New songs like "The Simple Truth", "His Gentle Hands" and "Perfect People " became a few of the songs on "His Unfailing Love", "The Cherishing Heart" and "Arise, Daughter, Victorious", three more cds all produced by Dean Kaelin.

In 1994, "An Angel's Song" and "Angel Lullabies" CDs simultaneously began serenading her after her second divorce. Writing these lullabies gently soothed her broken heart through many a lonely night-time without a family by her side. All of this blessed the little child within her own heart with peace and happiness, know that God was still on her side. On a visit from her father, he told her with tears streaming down his cheeks, after she sang her songs for him, "Karyn, God has allowed you to experience a broken heart many times. He knows you will ask the right questions and draw closer to Him and then go and write the songs that keep mending your heart. Someday, God will use your songs to help others to mend their broken hearts too." Karyn's father's words remained with her and served to encourage her to begin sharing her songs with new audiences.

In 2001, after graduating from massage school, Karyn began writing all the songs for “The Healer’s Touch” & “Divine Essence” CDs. "These songs were inspired by my clients who were experiencing the loss of a loved one through death, divorce, break-up, or facing some silent battle of their own. I combined the songs with essential oil blends, with the name of each song on the label of the bottle." Karyn's clients loved their 'cherishing sessions' with her "Musical & Aromatherapy duets". Later, as she began teaching her method to others, as inspired to do so by Laura Jacobs, "The Healer's Touch: Song & Scent Method" was born.

In 2002-2003, after her third divorce, Karyn began asking God a new question. "How do I find my way back to Joy again?" Songs of joy began flowing and Jared Osmond became the producer of “Enlightened Journey”, “Dancing in the Moment” & “Dancing with Joy”. Turning "Sorrow into Song" was Karyn’s own way of expressing her love for the Savior’s tender gifts to her---her way of reaching out and mending the broken hearted with music, massage, and aromatherapy sessions, now being conducted in her Lehi in-home business . A new friend, Kelly Anderson lovingly renamed Karyn's business, “The Cherishing Place” in 2005.

"Sariah: Pure Love Songs for Women in the Scriptures" was produced by Jamie Glasier in 2007-2008. These songs inspired Karyn to ask God for a new understanding of the meaning of the word, "Cherish". A line of 17 books, "The Cherishing Way Series" followed.

In 2015, after losing her voice for four years, Karyn prayed earnestly, "May I have my singing voice back?" She was answered that 'her singing voice' did not belong to her, but it was God's gift singing through her. Her voice began returning just in time to begin a new part of her musical journey. "A Joyful Heart: 12 extraordinary women in the New Testament" was her next miracle after a long silent winter without the voice of melody.

In 2016, “The Crowning Jewel: 12 Extraordinary Women in the Old Testament” was made manifest with Jamie Glasier as the recording engineer and co-producer. "Now, the stories of women in the Old Testament were touching my heart in a brand new way! I began realizing that ordinary women, with broken hearts, in the bible, who had never seen God before, became Extraordinary as they consecrated their broken lives to Him!"

After the passing of Karyn's father, Karyn felt that she needed to share the legacy of his love with those who had lost a loved one through death. "Joy in the Mourning" became Karyn's next endeavor as she drove the distance from Pleasant Grove to Ogden, weekly to visit those who had lost a loved one through death from 2014 to present. "A Day of Healing" became a new outreach program at the Myers Mortuaries in Ogden, Roy, Brigham City and Layton. Testimonials from solaced Myer's families poured into the mortuary, where Marcus Myers, determined that "A Day of Healing" with Karyn's music, aromatherapy and compassionate touch must continue to bless the lives of the families being served there.

For the past twenty years, from the churches to the prison, to women's shelters to universities, from radio shows and to television, Karyn has been "Nurturing the Heart, Mind, Body & Spirit" for those who have cause to mourn, or who stand in need of comfort. Her songs that were her simple "prayers for Jesus" have now solaced many a broken heart.

Throughout the years, as a music, massage, aromatherapist, flying solo, Karyn finally received a sweet witness that she must share her work with those who stand in need of nurturing, comforting and cherishing after having experienced both the bitter and the sweet in their own lives with the lingering effects of lower vibration emotions, such as; grief, sorrow, loss and more. She began "Joy Coaching America" in 2015, an organization that teaches others "How to Mend A Broken Heart". "Mending Broken Hearts with Healing Arts" is the theme of Karyn's work found at

This manual comprises a 30 year journey, that finally has answered the question Karyn originally asked God in 1982, "How do You mend a broken heart?" This offering is Karyn’s sacred gift to those in the world who are experiencing that deep-down-tenderheartedloneliness that no one but God can see.

"There are no hospitals, college degrees or universities for the broken hearted. I asked God to teach me how to mend a broken heart and He entrusted me with enough life experience to get me to keep on asking Him questions about comforting that deep kind of loneliness. It is the kind of loneliness that only Jesus Christ truly comprehends. These pure love songs & scents, the "Blessings & Blends" were God's gift to me. They gave me the courage to keep on trying to arise, victorious when feeling down and discouraged! Hence, this book, “Cherishing: How to Mend a Broken Heart” is my gift back to God. If just one more soul can be solaced through these "blessings & blends", combined with the music that accompanies them, then I am more than happy to share them."

--- Karyn Grant, LMT