Essential Oils: More than a Scent

By Anna Empey
Over the last few years, I have been immersed in Essential Oils. By that I mean they were everywhere, they were at work, they were at home, they were all around me all the time. I knew what they could be used for as far as physical ailments and such but it wasn't until I had been doing sessions with Karyn that I learned just how much scents and essential oils could influence my emotions.
When I was first introduced to Wild Orange I loved the scent it was one of my favorite essential oils. But then I smelt it every day for a long period in a toxic environment. And for a few years every single time I smelled wild orange it put a rock in my stomach, doubt in my mind, and my heart would hurt a little. It took me almost two years for me to love and want to smell Wild Orange again.
Throughout the many sessions, Karyn has used many blends and many different brands of oils. Focusing on the needs of that session, and focusing on what was at hand. Each blend has helped me understand the power of combining and using a variety of essential oils for a variety of needs, and unique emotional needs for each session.
She never once used Wild Orange in a session with me until my last session with her. I was about to ask if I could smell Wild Orange, right as she said: "Breath in Wild Orange." This scent has never smelled so good, or so refreshing and light as it has since that session.
I think sometimes our emotions are lodged in our hearts, in our minds, and in our souls. It took time and also processing my pain, grief and everything else I had tried to Wild Orange for me to love this essential oil again.
I think for me it is a sign that part of my emotions and pain I was holding onto is releasing, and I am opening myself up to try again.
To this day I am still surrounded with Essential Oils, I have come to a new understanding of how their scents and even the herbal benefits of them for my body can influence my emotions.
I encourage you to smell new oils. Try new combinations. Try a new diffuser combination. Look at the Recipes and Blends book for ideas to create powerful scents to help unblock and release emotions that are deep in our hearts, minds and souls.