Cellular Zapping - The Fire Around Us

In My Dream

I dreamed last night that I was walking, unscathed through a fire.  I was holding my head high, as if I was focused more upon my purpose, than upon the heat.  I dreamed then about Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego; the three men who walked unscathed by the fire, in their day.

I then dreamed that I was speaking about the fires that are being put out by cell towers.  I dreamed that these unseen flames, were “frying” people’s organs, glands and body systems, from the inside out.  I dreamed that radiation can penetrate through the biofield, (the auric layers) of the body.  I saw that there would be much suffering executed from the “powers that be”.

I saw that the cell towers of our day, our very much like the “towers of babel” in ancient time.  That just as the tower of babel was built for the purpose of “getting to heaven” in the way of pride, that cell towers are being erected for the greed of commerce, beyond our needs.

There will be a price to be paid, and it will be by many innocent people, who are naïve to the sufferings that such electro-radiation pollution will cause them.

Single File Aligned Water

I saw the importance of the water that is single file aligned.  “It is really the only thing that can put out the fires that will be happening on the inside of the body.”  As this water is mobilized through the body in a single file aligned way, the constant irradiation being zapped at our cells, can only keep them hydrated enough so that the radiation cannot linger.

I saw that the symptoms that have been occurring from 3G and 4G, symptoms that have been accelerating since 2004, have been caused by the “blanket of radiation” that has been surmounting.  It is as if, our bodies were wrapped in a blanket, which was enough to keep up warm; but with 1G, 2G, 3G, the blanket became to our very human beings, an “electric blanket” of radiation.  With the volume being turned up to 4G, many of us began to feel the effects of the blanket of radiation in a more seriously pronounced way.

But, with the electro-magnetic-radiation blanket being “turned up” to 5G, without testing what the effects on the human body will be, the “electrification” to the cells will be at a much higher amplitude.

Without drinking the single-file-aligned water, and without the serious attempt to protect ourselves on the outside, (biofields) from the electromagnetic radiation emitting from all wireless devices; at home, at school, at the office, essentially, everywhere we go, we will be prone to “CELLULAR ZAPPING”.  It will be as a steady stream of staccato bullets being fired at our cells in rapid succession at a frequency our body’s do not know how to combat.

Stop Cellular Zapping

I saw in the dream, that if I would do all I could to drink this i-water, in the delivery style it was delivered to those who suffered far less from the effects of Chernobyl, radiation fall-out, we may at best, keep up with the non-stop “Cellular Zapping” that is polluting us on cellular levels.

The “fire” that I am speaking of, is essentially, a type of frying a chicken at a very low-heat from the outside-in.  We must cleanse ourselves and our cells with a constant “baptism” of pure, single, file, aligned liquid; bathing our cells in it, like a constant pit drip.  The container must be MRET because even the water can be zapped from the radiation emitting from the wireless world in which we live.

At the end of the dream, I was assured that, “If you will do your part in warning your neighbors that there is a “fire” in the house of this world, and that they must do all they can to protect themselves and their loved ones from the effects of the “cellular zapping” of that fire; then I will do all I can to protect you from the unseen flames of that fire.  Your voice is needed. This is an assignment that you must keep.  As you continue to “rinse” your cells and to keep them hydrated from the inside out, I will do my part in protecting you from the outside-in.”

When I woke up, I knew that this was part two of the dream I had where I was telling the House of Representatives that, “I have been putting out flyers to put out the fires to put out the fryers that you are putting in our neighborhoods.”

In the first dream, I saw the “small cell towers” that were being positioned in our neighborhoods and communities.  I saw the unseen sparks that were flying out of them, as if they were trying to communicate with each other.  I heard myself gasp and say, “They are putting them too close together!”  I saw people huddled beneath them, conversing together about their illnesses that they couldn’t comprehend the cause of.  But, I could see that the effects of the large fiery sparks from the towers was the cause.

In the dream, I told the House of Representatives, “I know you can’t see the sparks, but I have seen them! You are frying the people in our neighborhoods!”

In the dream, the people in the “house”, looked at each other, shrugged their shoulders and said as if with one voice, “How were we supposed to know! We didn’t do any of the testing on this!  We had no idea how powerful these towers would be!”

I woke up in the middle of the night, feeling deep concern that those who are positioning our planet with the onslaught of this type of radiation-emitting-devices (cell towers and smart meters) have no idea of the aftermath of illness that will follow.


Join Us for a Screening

The dream ended.  That was on February 23, 2018.  This second dream I had on March 15th, the morning of “GENERATION ZAPPED” at UVU GRAND BALLROOM.  I have reserved a room to hold 1000 concerned citizens.  I pray they will show up.