An Inexplicable Joy: "The Healer's Touch: Nine Touch Point Method"

By Karyn Grant, LMT, Vibrational Attunement Massage Therapist "The Healer’s Touch Nine Point Method" by Karyn Grant, LMT, Vibrational Attunement Massage Therapist, provides a basic and simple map of 9 finger placements; so as to correspond to and affect the sum total of the whole spiritual-emotional human being.

This method constitutes all 40 points, comprised by The Chakra System, The Body Systems, The Meridian System and The Auric Field. Imbalances or intolerances can occur in any one of these 40 aspects of the human body; “shifts” created from emotional, physical, spiritual, nutritional, chemical, substance, vibrational or energetic charges or changes, resulting in a disruption to the spiritual-emotional-physical equilibrium of the human beings health and well-being.

Simply stated, “The Healer’s Touch Method” is a method which involves prayer, and the pure love energy and intention of the facilitator; as conducted through the medium of the five physical senses. It presumes that the Divine Creator, being the Creator of every aspect of the human being/body, should be acknowledged and addressed, when working with one of His divine creations. Via the five senses, the sense of touch, smell, hearing, sight and taste, the facilitator uses pure remedies, in their most natural state to facilitate a positive outcome for their client.

Christ-Centered Music conducts the energy of prayer and positive thought, giving all acknowledgment to Deity. It is also a non-invasive way, for the Christ-Centered Client to be centered by participating subconsciously in sending prayer to their concept of the Divine Creator, who gave them life; and petition that his/her life may be re-balanced, re-energized, re-centered and reconnected in a spiritually, emotionally, physically, (vibrationally) joyful existence.

With the addition of Aromatherapy, the lifeblood of the plant, conducts the vibrations of light to every living cell; the system, chakras, meridians and auric field, throughout the circuitry of the physical, emotional and spiritual being. All of this is done, via the involuntary act of breathing in, and inhaling the essential oils, which immediately begins a shifting, transforming and transitioning of negative energies from their subconscious fields and gently releasing them, with every inhale and exhale.

As well, essential oils that are inhaled, those most specific for emotional clearing, have a divine intelligence of their own and work at a sub-conscious level. The only voluntary act required by the recipient/client; is to be in an open state of mind and be willing to receive the pure intention of nurturing provided by a Healers Touch Facilitator/Joy Coach. Essential oils, in their purest state, represent the gift of pure, unadulterated, life blood of the Savior. There should accompany them, a sense of gentleness, reverence and faith; when ministering with them.

Coupling the divine intelligence of plant-life, imbued by and with the intelligence of the Divine Creator, the gifts of nature, can be synergistically catalyzed to bless, “rest and revitalize”, in accordance with the will of Deity and with the will of the subconscious intelligent mind of the human creation. When these synergistic re-alignments occur, dis-ease can shift or exit the body, leaving it in a state of peace, tranquility and harmony, or in other words, vibrational attunement.

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