A Message From Karyn Grant

Joy is not contingent upon circumstance.  Joy is simply, a gift…or “talent” that can be developed through the Spirit.  It is all in the way we “process” our daily experiences through the filters of our perceptions. 

Joy is a frequency of energy that vibrates through your being as perceived by your emotions.  Joy may be requested and sought out, as a spiritual gift, through the medium of prayer and fasting.  It is a talent to be practiced and claimed in spite of any opposition that may surround you.  Thus we have been commanded to learn how to go our way, “Rejoicing amidst adversity”. Joy is perceived by the heart and mind, through the God-given senses.  It is a healing vibration; one of the fruits of the Spirit, that travels as an energy-in-motion, through your physical being.

In Galations, Chapter five we are told, “For the fruits of the spirit are love, joy and peace, temperance, Godly Confidence, mercy, faith, hope…”  The list of the gifts of pure emotion goes on and on.  Through your own personal connection with Deity, as a Daughter of God, you may become a co-creator of Joy.  You may assist God in raising the frequency and holding a pattern of resonance, thus bringing love, joy and peace to the world in troubled times. “Be of Good Cheer for I have overcome the world!” said the Master Healer.

He meant that in spite of what was going on around Him, he had discovered a pattern of thinking, feeling and living that would lead the way for each of us who would follow him to the same self-discovery.  Continually, he gave the answer to the question, “Where is Joy?”  He repeated over and over, “that the kingdom of Heaven is within you.”  All that you need in order to truly be happy is found within your own ability to access a higher vibration of pure love, acknowledge it, generate it, practice it and create it in the lives of others!  By connecting to your pure love of Jesus, Others and Yourself…your life begins to take on J-O-Y! What is a JOY COACH?

It is a “Be-of-Good-Cheer-Leader” for the human heart, mind, body and DNA by being true to your original personality, “Woman is that she might have joy.”  Be the Joy!  Be the Love!  Be the Gratitude in all things. 

A Joy Coach is not one who has never experienced trials and tribulations of her own, but one who rises above the world and continues to hold the resonance of pure emotions for all else to become vibrationally attuned to.  She is the one who is overcoming the world, through her faith in Jesus Christ. She presses forward feasting upon the Pure Love of Christ regardless of who is or is not coming with her to partake of the fruit of that glorious tree of life.  She has made the decision that no matter what the trial and tribulation she faces, she will continue to nurture the gift of joy within her own heart-mind-body-DNA. She will embrace all the other gifts of the spirit by attuning to Joy through the constant companionship of the spirit of truth. She will allow the comforter to be with her in times of turmoil and even sorrow.

By connecting to power of the spirit of truth, healing occurs for heart-mind-body-DNA and even for the wounded spirit.

A wise man said that the most important thing that the saints of God can do, is to get the spirit and to keep it—for the spirit of truth, is the means of communicating all of the other gifts of God (or energies in motion) to the Human Spirit. Why do we then study the physical senses?  Because the senses are the pathways through which the healing vibrations of Godly Emotions travel; communicating to the heart-mind-body-Spirit-DNA…that you truly are created to have and to experience JOY and all other accompanying gifts of the spirit.