Allie's Pink Rose


By Karyn Grant-Turley, LMT, The Joy Coach

Tonight, I realized it was high time that I begin deleting some of my 26,000 emails that had caused my personal email to shut down unexpectedly. I knew that I needed to carefully sort through these emails, as I wanted to find all the emails my father, Allyn Rowley had sent to me before he passed in 2013. His passing was the impetus for my seeking out Myers Mortuary in Ogden #MyersMortuary, to offer private one on one sessions, to those who have lost a loved one through passing of a loved one, as an expression of gratitude to my father. But, as I sorted through this "large stack of emails", I found another unexpected gift....a pink rose....

When I met Del Turley and his wife, Allie Turley in 12/2012, I mentioned to Allie that I loved pink rose and that my "Scents of Peace" business emblem was a "pink rose". Tonight, as I was going through my "INBOX" containing 12,000 plus emails bulging at the seams, I came across my 3,803 rd email.

I saw the unopened email, was dated December 7th, 2012 which I had somehow missed opening nearly five years ago. It was a picture of a pink rose that Allie had taken herself. I remembered immediately the conversation about my "emblem for my Scents of Peace/Healer's Touch business being a pink rose."

Tonight, nearly four and a half years later, I found the unopened email which read in the subject line---"Allie's Pink Rose".

Allie passed away on July 25th, 2015 from breast cancer, most unexpectedly. Later, her husband and I discovered a friendship and were married. But, after our marriage, I continued to prayerfully ask to know the answer to my heart's innermost question.

"Allie, how do you feel about my relationship with your husband?" I think of her everyday...everyday I worry and I wonder if she is "okay with me being married to her husband, since she passed away."

Tonight, as I discovered the email, with the subject line that read, "Allie's Pink Rose", I felt a "sense of peace" bathe over my soul---and feel now, sweetly assured that Allie is at peace with me being married to her husband.

Amazing that the Rose is the highest vibration of all flowers. I am learning to trust and not "second guess" that there is a divine plan for each one of us.

I believe there is a Divine Creator who has a divine plan, that unfolds and blossoms as gently, and sometimes as seemingly as a rose. I am learning to trust that "God makes everything beautiful in His own time and in His own way." (Psalms) #MyersMortuary