Differences Between Joy Coaching and the Emotion Code

As the President, Founder of #JoyCoachingAmerica, I have been facilitating the joyful release of lower vibration #emotions, since 2001, singing, songwriting, authoring books about this subject, since 2001.

Many people ask me the difference between "The Healer's Touch Method" and Emotion Code. We know that there are many modalities out there that provide pieces of the puzzle for altering mood states.

Not all processes provide the on-going journey that activates a change of heart and mind at a cellular, DNA level. Dr. Dean Belnap, Pyschiatrist, PHD, inspired me in my research when he told me, "Karyn, what is needed is a change of heart and mind at a DNA level.

The only way to truly create lasting changes in the heart-mind-body-spirit, is to access the pathways provided by the five senses which carve and create new grooves in the brain. These grooves provide a highway to love, joy and peace. Without accessing the God-given senses, coupled with the Spirit of God, no emotional conversions from anger to peace, or hate to love, will be lasting."

When this method was complete, 12 years later, I revisited Dr. Dean Belnap in his home and offered him a Healer's Touch Session. He was moved to tears and said, "How on earth did you ever think of all of this?" I responded, reminding him that he had acknowledged to me in 2001, that the path I was on, in creating this method, was a sure way to create lasting changes in the emotional responses of the heart, mind, body and spirit.

The Healer's Touch Method: The Song & Scent Method or "The Nine Touch Point Method" by Karyn Grant, LMT, VAMT

* Provides a comprehensive program for releasing emotions in a way that depends on the Savior as the only true "Healer" in this type of work.

*uses Kinesiology to identify Lower Vibration Emotions left lingering in the heart, mind, body, spirit

* uses Kinesiology to identify Positive Vibration Emotions that the client can subconsciously, consciously & creative consciously gracefully transition to.

* accesses all five senses in an experiential session.

* Facilitator acts as a Compassionate Witness providing Nurturing Therapeutic Touch to quicken the body's responses to the desired outcome, i.e. "Joy".

* Uses "The Joyful Heart" Blessings & Blends to bring a pure intention up into the awareness heart, mind, body, spirit which "inspires" the mind to connect to the desired outcome during each individual session.

* offers "The Healer's Touch: Imagery Inducing Lyrics" through the Vocal & Musical Meditation Library (64 CDS) which serves to uplift, inspire, awaken and comfort the heart, mind, body & spirit from trauma, addiction, etc.

* Gracefully Transitions Heart, Mind, Body & Spirit through nine stages of grief back into love, joy, peace, 
acceptance and other desired emotional vibrations.

*Can influence 40 Touch Points in the Body, including Chakras, Meridians, Auric Field Layers, Nine Body Systems and more.

*Teaches the power of Music as Therapy in a scientific way to assist in the process of creating lasting changes in the heart, mind, body and spirit.

Did you KNOW that by accessing all FIVE of your Senses with Joy Coaching Sessions.....

• The Healer’s Touch: Nine Touch Point Method – Enhances Mood

• Increases Production of Endorphins in Brain – with 5 senses

• Increases Oxytocin “Cuddle Chemical”– with Massage

• Increases Serotonin Levels – Sesquiterpenes

• Increases Endorphins – “Bliss Molecules” (Just add healthy chocolate!)

• Stimulates Parasympathetic Nervous System – healing mode

• Can change the blood and increase “light” around the blood cell (aura)

• Cleanses the entire Auric Field – Kathryn Brennan, Aroma therapist

• Relaxes, Renews, Restores and Rejuvenates Heart–Mind–Body–Spirit

• Counteracts previously suppressed, unexpressed emotions & memories

• Gives the Heart/Mind-Brain/Body/Spirit a new with nurturing

We know how Deep-Pressed Emotion feels, and we want to help YOU and your LOVED ones feel JOY again!

Did you know:

• 50,000 Google hits per day for “Grief Coaches”?

• Did you know that according to the World Health Organization 125 million, and less than 25% have access to any type of help, hope or medicine for DEPRESSION?

• Estimates between 14.8 million and 19 million suffer from clinical depression.

• 26.2% suffer from some type of MOOD DISORDER in the US, which constitutes approximately 58 million sufferers.

• 1 in 4 persons suffer from mild to chronic depression.

• WOMEN have more reported cases of depression than men.

• Males and females, in the age group of 65 years and older, are committing suicide at a higher rate than any other age group.

• Experts now say that ADDICTION begins with some kind of depression.

• 90% of suicides have a diagnosable mental condition and get to the place where they cannot help themselves.

• 99% of all men and women suffer from some form of depression, ANXIETY, or mood disorder at some point in their lifetime.

• 73 million websites talk about depression, GRIEF and mood disorders.

• Everyone is looking for ANSWERS for themselves or someone they LOVE