The Joyful Living Series: Nurturing Home, Heart and Family

For those who are interested in becoming a “Lullaby Momma” or a “Nurturing Grandma” the “The Joyful Living Series: Nurturing Heart, Home & Family” courses may be just what you are looking for! Karyn offers a four “Joyful Living” courses which gives vital instruction and many tools you will need to provide “nurturing sessions” to yourself, to your children or grandchildren, or other family members.  


Hour 1 | The Healer's Touch: The Cherishing Life

We are excited to share the connecting power of “The Healer’s Touch Method” by Karyn Grant, LMT.  This introduction to “The Song & Scent Method” assists in creatively, consciously, connecting heart, mind, body and spirit.  In this one hour webinar, you will receive an overview of the power of combining music, oils, and therapeutic touch as a relaxation technique to cherish yourself and those in your family and home.

This wonderfully nurturing protocol can be shared as a peaceful rest & relaxation session, where both the giver and receiver can discover the joy of ministering and being ministered to.  This one hour webinar comes complete with the “Healers Touch CD” and the “Joyful Living Manual”.  It is great for everyone who wants to be “A Nurturer in Your Own Home!” and learn how to use your own essential oils in new ways.

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Hour 2 | Divine Essence:  The Brilliant Life

In this one hour webinar, we will discuss the gift of discovering ourselves as a pre-requisite to honoring those we love.  Our journey with joy leads us into a deeper understanding of the importance of nurturing our very own souls to help us live a brilliant life!

We will discuss the spiritual power of enlightening and enlivening our hearts and minds with “The Song & Scent Method”. This one hour course will be combined with the “Divine Essence” vocal cd and the instructional guide.  We will celebrate 10 single oils for their spiritually-awakening personalities. As we continue down the path of joy, we will find our divine senses being re-awakened. The sense of intuition, the sense of inspiration and the sense of creativity and brilliance.


Hour 3 | The Lullaby Connection: The Nurturing Life

Join us for this nurturing one hour webinar, all about cherishing your very own inner child and the children you love.  It’s time to experience the softness of ‘song and scent’.  You too may wish to experience the solacing power of an angel dream’s lullaby, combined with heavenly oils. 

You will receive the “Angel Dreams” CD and the instructional guide for this mini-course. It’s never too late for the heart of our own inner child to be solaced, soothed and mended.

This Night-Time-Nurturing protocol combines aromatherapy with angel lullabies that touch all of the physical senses and awaken the divine senses too.  It’s time for your very own “inner child” to experience a sense of cherishing, a sense of adoration, a sense of nurturing in a joyful way. Begin to discover your important role, you are the Nurturer for your own heart, home and family!  You will be able to repeat this process for those you cherish.


Hour 4 | A Joyful Heart: The Joyful Life

Come renew your Joyful Heart in this one hour webinar on our journey with joy!  This webinar includes a “A Joyful Heart” CD and the “Ancient Legacy: From Ancient Days to Modern Ways” Booklet which will acquaint you with 12 women of the New Testament and all the oils they cherished in ancient days.

We will journey into the past and discover the historical use of music & aromatherapy, as they applied to the women of ancient days.  Discover your passion for the healing oils of the bible and their ancient applications for heart, mind, body and spirit. This is an excellent resource to increase your joy in a self-nurturing process. By nurturing oneself, this empowers you to bring new levels of joy to your own heart , home and family.