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The purpose of this workshop series is to provide pertinent information about “The Ancient Legacy” of the use and history of music, aromatherapy, anointing practices and all other various facts pertaining to the healing arts that have been passed down to us as a legacy of love through the generations. This series is intended for those who wish to learn for themselves and for those who wish to learn in order that they might teach others through home gatherings, bible study groups, enrichment nights, webinars, podcasts and any other creative avenue that a facilitator chooses.

The theme of this series focuses on using all five senses in capturing the imageries of history through the New and Old Testament, but is not limited to just those spiritual works. Learn how ancient practices can be applied to your life in the modern days.

• Ancient Legacy 24 Page Brochure

• Understanding Essential Oils of the Bible Tear Pad

• Essential Christ Vocal CD

• Essential Christ Tear Pad

• The Morning Light Vocal CD

• The Morning Light Tear Pad

• With Perfumed Oil Vocal CD

• With Perfumed Oil Tear Pad

• A Joyful Heart Vocal CD

• A Joyful Heart Tear Pad

• The Crowning Jewel Vocal CD (Coming Soon)

• The Crowning Jewel Tear Pad

• Queen Esther Tear Pad

Ancient Legacy - Complete Module 4
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